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4 Ways to Build a Competitive Advantage with your Produce Software

Posted by Kristen Hoppe on Thu, Mar 26, 2015 @ 08:57 PM


Coral Beach Farms, a global farm-direct cherry supplier for wholesale and retail partners, was looking for better technology to manage their fast growth and provide visibility into complex business processes. They lacked the real-time data necessary to streamline their business operations and set themselves apart from their competitors. Like most produce companies, they needed to capture detailed information about their supply chain through effective inventory management, quality control, and labels that are compliant with strict industry standards. Disconnected systems made tracking their products difficult and vulnerable to human error.

Vision33 has worked with several produce companies to identify and overcome common quality control and traceability issues. After implementing SAP Business One, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system widely used for produce companies, Coral Beach Farms has seen significant benefits including:

  • Complete visibility into their supply chain
  • Optimized production, packaging, and inventory management
  • Enhanced cash flow management
  • Improved quality control and customer satisfaction through accurate, real-time data

The result?

“SAP Business One gives us a clear advantage over our competition... We definitely made the winning move by adopting SAP Business One”

-          Mike Lane, Controller at Coral Beach Farms

Want to learn more about how to leverage produce software to build a competitive advantage like Coral Beach Farms? Read the Coral Beach Farms Success Story or visit our SAP Business One page for more information.

Access the Coral Beach Farms Succes Story

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