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photodune-9347270-tomatoes-xsIn the food and beverage industry, public safety is of the utmost concern. If a commodity proves to be tainted, the lot needs to be quickly located and isolated for a recall before it reaches the market. Capturing detailed information about a company’s supply chain is vital for when dealing with perishables and traceability, is the key to supply chain management and quality control.

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) was designed to ensure that companies in the industry comply with full tracking and traceability of products originating from farm to fork. Without the right technology, however, full visibility into produce tracking can be a challenge.

Many enterprises know that SAP Business One is designed to offer a wide range of small to midsized enterprises and subsidiaries of large enterprises with a single software solution to manage critical business processes - this support also extends to the fresh produce industry. Vision33 has worked with a number of customers in the industry to ensure compliance and public safety when dealing with produce. With SAP Business One, companies have the confidence to fully meet government requirements, as well as meet the demands of the larger retail customers on a daily basis. Three key features of SAP Business One that will help enable produce businesses include:

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Inventory Management

  • Streamlines and optimizes production, packaging, inventory and warehouse management.

Quality Control

  • Meets all requirements for batch management, quality control, and shelf-life management.

Compliance Support

  • Support PTI compliant labels with GS1 barcodes.

So what does meeting legislation and implementing traceability software mean for the business? It allows the business to identify products affected by the defect after customer delivery to minimize recall costs. The proactive, long-term result of traceability is to identify defects prior to customer delivery to reduce in-process costs and eliminate the costs of a recall.

Learn more about SAP Business One for the fresh produce industry and how it helps growing companies stay on top of recent changing government legislation including the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

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