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SAP Business One

As a small business – you have big concerns. Not only do you have to worry about maintaining inventory and filling customer orders, but you also want to build your brand. Every business wants to be profitable and succeed; therefore most efforts are put towards tactics that support product sales. Decisions must be made about where to place investments – and business owners typically choose low overhead operational costs.

When your business was just getting started, a small business accounting application like QuickBooks made sense. It's well known, easy to use, and offers straightforward accounting capabilities. Now that your business is growing and becoming more complex, that small business accounting application is requiring workarounds that are taking up too much of your time.

It is important to understand your business and recognize key signs that you may need to invest in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Issues such as lack of visibility into your business, or rising inventory levels but the inability to meet customer demands are causes for concern. You have more data and records – therefore you need better systems to manage this. Manual data entry and basic reporting simply doesn’t fit the bill anymore. What once worked becomes a hindrance to your business.

Business owners often use small business accounting applications beyond their lifespan and delay investing in a more robust ERP solution. Misconceptions about the cost and accessibility of ERP can deter small businesses from embracing change and cause them to hang on to their software packages longer than they should. The truth is, ERP solutions are designed to be affordable for small to midsized business (SMBs) and deployment options are flexible. ERP provides greater functionality to your entire business, and unlike accounting packages, it can capture critical business information for immediate access.

The question for businesses becomes can you afford NOT to invest in ERP?

Read the eBook, ‘5 Signs Your Small Business is Big Enough for ERP’ to understand the telltale signs that your business possesses the sophistication and complexity to benefit from an ERP solution. This resource and many more are available in the Vision33 Beginner's Guide to ERP.

Learn More in the Beginner’s Guide to ERP

For fast-growing businesses, the time to shift from small business accounting software to an ERP platform may already be upon you. But how do you know for sure and where do you begin sorting through your options?

These are challenging and often complicated questions to answer, and in most cases, the available resources online don’t clarify anything. For that reason, we consolidated all our early stage ERP resources in one place. Explore our Beginner's Guide to ERP below!

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