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6 Components to a Perfect Retail Order

Posted by Emily Warren on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 04:15 PM


Many companies have focused on enhancing front office and back office functions to support the industry’s omnichannel evolution. But optimizing the relationships between companies is a critical – and often overlooked – component of omnichannel success. How can retailers and their vendors, distributors and logistics providers work together more collaboratively to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience? 

Today, the consumer rather than the retailer is the arbiter of an order’s success – and the complexity of achieving the perfect order has grown exponentially. All trading partners must work together to meet the “perfect order” needs of the omnichannel consumer: 

  1. Product Information
  2. Social Validation
  3. Inventory Information
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Convenient Fulfillment
  6. Convenient Returns

The consumer has a clear expectation that the item they intend to purchase be available within hours or days, and that it be competitively priced regardless of where they’re seeking it. Furthermore, today’s consumer expects that an in-store experience delivers value beyond being able to view items in person; they expect elements of a digital experience that complements the information and experience they have in store, ensuring a successful purchase.

Now is the time for retailers and suppliers to “operationalize” omnichannel within their organizations. This transformation will place enormous pressure on retail trading partners to reinvent how they do business - not just remain relevant in a digital commerce world but also to gain the critical advantage required for success.

Getting to the initiatives and transformation required for engaging and delighting the consumer is tough. There’s also huge opportunity. That’s why we are inviting you to SPS Commerce In:fluence 2016 where some of the best and brightest retailers, partners and suppliers will share their insights and successes.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet us, Vision33, onsite at our booth where we will be demonstrating the power of SAP Business One. We’ll show you how this software can not only help you produce the ‘perfect order’ but also streamline and optimize the way you manage all your business data.

Learn more about the conference and register here.

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