February 19, 2015

7 Software Pitfalls in a Complex Production Process

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Having a job shop or machine shop, it's not always easy to arrange for a smooth transition from one batch to the next. Scheduling machines and manpower can be hard enough, much less scheduling for maximum productivity. Keeping up with deadlines - while still creating a quality product that meets specifications for every client - can often create logistical headaches. Fact is, every job has unique requirements. 

To efficiently run a profit-driven shop, owners require special functionalities in their shop floor and business systems. To get started, owners need to identify why their systems and processes are not meeting demands. Here are the most common pain points Vision33 clients were experiencing with traditional manufacturing software: 

  1. Difficulty scheduling and managing production 
  2. Lack of data visibility to aid planning on projects 
  3. Miscommunication between departments
  4. Low project margins 
  5. Little project control 
  6. Poor delivery times and penalties on late deliveries 
  7. Many indirect hours

Can you relate to any of these issues? What does your job shop schedule look like? Is it difficult to find for those who really need to access it and be productive?

Let us show you how to stay competitive, grow your business and get the valuable predictive reporting capabilities you need to plan for future profit. 

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