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loyalty.jpgClienteling is more than just a retail buzzword. The focus tends to be on mobile apps and other software and how stores can use them to improve customer loyalty.

For example, mobile and tablet technology is widely used to help customer-facing sales staff serve customers better. They’re able to create profiles, save previous purchases and much more. The assumption is that if staff know previous purchases, they can better assist customers.

The Technology Is Not “Clienteling”

Here’s the secret – just adding technology to your store’s equation isn’t enough. It’s the actual feeling that technology can help you create, and it’s impact on both customer loyalty and experience. That’s the true meaning of clienteling.

Essentially, clienteling is driven by customer engagement. It can only really be effective if you’re able to leverage prior interactions and offer personalized experiences that make customers want to keep coming back. It’s as simple as that.

Be warned: simple doesn’t equate to easy.

In the retail space, where online sales continue to soar, it’s becoming even more critical to build more interactive customer relationships in-store. You need to be supporting customer engagement across the entire business, no matter what kind of technology you use.

The key to growing sales from omni channel experiences is to create the perfect feeling at every touch point. The stronger the emotional connection you can create with your customers, the greater the influence.

Converting Traffic and Building Sales With Customer Loyalty

The clienteling strategies you decide to implement need to empower your sales staff to deliver memorable, personal customer experiences so as to encourage customer loyalty. By encouraging behaviors that build loyal customers, you are bound to ensure future business.

When you automate your system for best practices, including personalized engagement, you are going to see that return on investment. That is the formula for effective clienteling.

Do You Have A System In Place?

Do you have the ability to determine what your customers really want? Do you know what makes for an engaging experience for them? What, in your store, encourages customer loyalty?

Contact Vision33 about your system requirements today and turn “just business” into recurring trade.