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Sage Intacct for SaaS metrics

Your SaaS company is enjoying its long-term customer relationships rather than focusing on transactions—but capturing and analyzing the right metrics is challenging. The challenge worsens when your company grows but continues to use basic software.

If you’re using a small business application and spreadsheets, you’re extracting data from different places and cobbling it together into metrics reports. This is a time-draining, error-prone process, and the information is outdated by the time you piece it together.

Fast growth requires quick, confident decisions made with the right information. Imagine the time you could save and the bold decisions you could make if you had easy, instant access to the detailed metrics you need. With a cloud-based financial management solution like Sage Intacct, you can access metrics that shed light on the causes of performance trends and upcoming pitfalls and opportunities.

SaaS companies should always track metrics such as churn customer lifetime value (CLTV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), committed monthly recurring revenue (CMRR), and annual or monthly recurring revenue (ARR or MRR). But as your company grows, metrics and the underlying processes that produce them change.

Consider these stages of growth:

  • Startup to early-stage
  • Early-stage to growth-stage
  • Growth-stage to public

So which metrics really matter during these stages? To find out, download the eBook below and see what SaaS companies like yours say about Sage Intacct. You’ll understand how Sage Intacct provides real-time SaaS metrics that go beyond GAAP financials to include operational metrics, allowing you to make strategic decisions about your company’s future.

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