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How Can Businesses Connect Existing Applications to SAP Business One?

Posted by Matthew Melay on Tue, Jun 05, 2018 @ 01:19 PM


You’ve probably heard the statement that SAP Business One is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that grows with your business. But what exactly does this mean? Over the years, the ERP category has shed its reputation as only resource planning, going on to become an open and extensible business process solution. Today, SAP Business One users gain great control over their operations or subsidiaries when they streamline processes by using ERP software that grows with their business.

SAP partners like Vision33, build specifically integrated solutions to deliver specialized functionality to support businesses in their industry or industry vertical. Whether it is a solution for retail, wholesale distribution, or manufacturing, SAP Business One can be extended to seamlessly integrate the functionality businesses need while connecting to a robust ERP solution that supports their other mission-critical business functions.

That’s where zedSuite, sister company to Vision33, comes in; building upon the SAP Business One solution to leverage the web as a business channel. 

About zedSuite

For small to midsized enterprises worldwide, zedSuite is a premier web integration partner for extending the capabilities of SAP Business One beyond the walls of any business. One of zedSuite’s most popular products, zed Interconnect, enables companies to connect and integrates systems inside or outside the organization with SAP Business One. Whether a small to midsized enterprise (SME) or large enterprise subsidiary running SAP Business One wants a standard, out-of-the-box implementation, or a completely custom solution, zedSuite makes it easy and efficient to customize any of its self-service portals to work the way their business does.

zedSuite zed Interconnect for SAP Business One

zedSuite zed Interconnect, enables application-to-application integration (A2A) between existing applications and SAP Business One. This enables users to show query data out of SAP Business One synchronize accounts receivable transactions, display service-related data, and expense tracking. What this does is enable SMEs to keep the familiar systems in place that they know to work for their business and provide value to their business partners. Integrating with a robust ERP solution such as SAP Business One has even greater benefits.

What Kind of Applications Can My Business Connect with zed Interconnect?

zedSuite zed Interconnect is very versatile, and the options for extending your business to the web are limitless. zed Interconnect connects systems inside or outside your organization with SAP Business One - to exchange data and orchestrate business processes. Here are a few of the many ways in which Vision33 customers are leveraging this zedSuite web product to extend their ERP solutions further:

  • Integrate SAP Business One with a third-party web store or eCommerce site (e.g. Yahoo Stores).
  • Connect with an inventory portal located outside of the organization.
  • Connect SAP Business One with zed Sales Portals or zed Employee Portals (zedSuite web portal products).
  • Interface via the web functionality offered via the SAP Business One client.

To learn more about zed Interconnect for SAP Business One and how a zedSuite customer leveraged the product to manage multiple business applications and streamline operations, read the zedSuite customer success story featuring RigNet. In this comprehensive case study, you’ll learn how an oil and gas company leveraged zed Interconnect alongside SAP Business One to manage multiple applications and streamline business operations with zed Interconnect.


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