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SAP Business One success story

State-of-the-art design and manufacturing happen at the heart of the Columbia River Gorge in the United States Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2009 in Hood River, Oregon, Decavo manufactures composite products for the aerospace, medical device, and industrial sectors; they also have a hand in sporting goods, consumer products, and custom-made specialty items. From initial concept to full production, Decavo seeks to build more than products – the company wants relationships with its customers.

Decavo became one of many SAP Business One success stories when they implemented a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support continued growth.

Innovative Minds Require Robust Technology

An innovative business like Decavo shouldn’t be slowed down by basic software that requires manual data entry. It also shouldn’t have to worry about inaccurate part information, excess inventory, or quality issues. Instead, it needs an integrated business management solution to provide a clear, complete picture of operations to plan manufacturing due dates, save time, automate processes, and support bill of materials (BOM).

Manufacturing Runs Best with SAP Business One

Decavo partnered with Vision33, an IT professional services company. Like Decavo, Vision33 partners with customers from the initial need through post-implementation support and ongoing training. Vision33 collaborated with Decavo to find SAP Business One – the perfect solution for its unique needs.

SAP Business One Manufacturing is the tool Decavo needs to save time, money, energy, and manpower. No matter where they are, Decavo’s team always has real-time information at their fingertips. SAP Business One’s simplicity and flexibility allow Decavo to manufacture smarter, and their potential for growth is limitless.

How Does Decavo Feel About SAP Business One?

Watch Decavo’s short success story video to learn why its team – from the office manager to the vice president of operations – recommends SAP Business One. You’ll understand how the power of SAP Business One can help you manufacture a brighter business future.


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