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Automating Tax Compliance in SAP

Taxes are interesting. They helped build the Egyptian pyramids and the Roman empire. Unfortunately, they’re also confusing—and inescapable in the United States. Companies must either collect and remit sales tax or prove they’re exempt.

If you’re overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Few companies understand all the rules and how to comply. Most don’t know the extent of their compliance risk—and when they find out, jaws hit the floor.

Across the US, sales tax is radically different between states. Every state has its own rules regarding what’s taxed, how much, and where. Factor in the eCommerce boom, remote employees, and recent marketplace rules, and it’s no wonder most of us are confused.

There’s good news: Avalara can make your burdensome, error-prone tax process easier. Avalara is a global firm that helps companies automate sales tax compliance.

Avalara’s John Regan and Wendy Leonard chatted with Vision33’s Carl Lewis about how to do your taxes better. Hector Ritondale from Argentis Consulting joined them. Dedicated to developing, distributing, and supporting recognized certified solutions for SAP products, Argentis built an integration between SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign and Avalara’s tax management tool. The result is smart, simple tax compliance.

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Watch the web chat recording to see the automation software in action, hear a customer success story, and learn about common sales tax challenges, including:

  • Nexus—A company’s obligation to a state to collect and remit sales tax and how it’s determined
  • Product taxability—Why products and services are taxed differently
  • Jurisdiction assignment—How to navigate the 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in the United States
  • Exemption certificates—Why they’re often overlooked—but the first thing auditors ask for
  • Tax preparation and filing—The timing of tax season
  • Audit readiness—And how to keep auditors from hanging around

After watching the recording, you’ll understand how Avalara addresses all these challenges. Set aside 40 minutes and see how much easier tax compliance can be with automation!

Watch the recording