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Manufacturing in the US continues to grow more robust with record output in 2018, according to Forbes. So, what’s powering the industry’s growth? Politics aside, the rise of big data and the availability of business intelligence through technology solutions are drivers of improved productivity in the manufacturing world. The industrious nature of manufacturers might also explain why the industry embraces technology change to find more efficient ways of getting the job done. With the right manufacturing solution, companies can leverage business data and achieve even greater success. While many manufacturing applications on the market offer support for businesses processes like time tracking, scheduling, project management, and inventory management, the real challenge is leveraging the data from these systems. Companies often grow organically, building their business management system through bolt-on solutions one by one - rather than with an all-in-one solution. This creates fissures in the flow of business data because vital information is often stored in disconnected data silos. So, how are manufacturers currently threading the flow or data throughout their operations?

The typical workaround is tasking employees to bridge the divide between the systems. Taking the business data output from one system (either in paper form or as an Excel file) and manually keying or entering that data into the next system. While this process may work for small businesses, growing companies will find that human error skyrockets. Access to more business data is a good thing, but you can’t successfully use the data unless your manufacturing solution positions your company to take advantage of it. With centralized access to critical business data, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with manufacturer-specific functionality are powering the next generation of manufactures.

Watch how a generator manufacturer implemented SAP Business One and  successfully grew their business.

The Nuts and Bolts of ERP for Manufacturers

Using spreadsheets and basic accounting packages is overwhelming, time-consuming, and can’t meet your business’s needs. With an all-in-one solution, you can track your products from the production floor through product servicing. You must keep tight controls on material planning and stock traceability and effectively manage the many bills of materials (BOMs) needed to create various sub-assemblies and finished products.

As production and orders rise, growing manufacturers must transform their businesses to increase productivity, enhance production management, and improve supplier relationships. Vision33 Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One® provides a single integrated solution to overcome scheduling and production challenges.

Power Your Company with an Integrated Business Management Solution

See how a high-performance generator manufacturer that partnered with Vison33 to implement SAP Business One for Manufacturers focused on business growth with a fully integrated solution. Helped by a built-in product configurator, they can accurately quote customers, empower their salespeople, get a handle on order management, and provide traceability from the warehouse to service care.

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