June 07, 2023

NS Pension Enjoys Real-Time Non-Profit Reporting With Sage Intacct

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Blog > NS Pension Enjoys Real-Time Non-Profit Reporting With Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation (NS Pension) is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening Nova Scotians’ retirement strategies. It provides a range of investment, pension administration, and compliance services for some of the province’s leading pension plans.

NS Pension is co-owned by the Teachers’ Pension Plan and the Public Service Superannuation Plan trustees and administers those trustees’ pension benefits and investment assets. NS Pension also manages the pension benefits of the Members’ Retiring Allowances and the three former Sydney Steel pension plans.

The Challenge

NS Pension is accountable to a board of directors that oversees the organization’s risk management practices, prudent management of pension plan expenses, and transparent reporting.

But reporting wasn’t easy with NS Pension’s legacy software, Sage 50. The organization manages five sets of books, and its finance team struggled with the software’s inflexibility.

And because Sage 50 was an on-premises solution, NS Pension’s IT staff had to manage its manual and time-consuming upgrades.

NS Pension needed a flexible, cloud-native financial management solution with robust reporting.

The Solution

Enter Sage Intacct, a customizable accounting solution built for finance by finance.

NS Pension chose Sage Intacct for its real-time reporting, simplicity, reliability, local data storage, and anytime, anywhere access.

And when the organization researched firms to implement Sage Intacct and provide ongoing support, it chose Vision33, a Sage tech partner and Sage Intacct expert, for its local Canadian presence.

The Result

Thanks to Sage Intacct, NS Pension’s finance team has the improved visibility non-profit organizations need. And because Sage Intacct runs in the cloud, manual, time-consuming upgrades are a thing of the past.

Best of all, NS Pension now has the reports it needs to demonstrate accountability and transparency while focusing on Nova Scotians’ retirements.

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