September 20, 2022

SaaS Companies Use Sage Intacct to Drive Success With Predictive KPIs

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When analyzing your SaaS company’s performance, you probably ask, “How did we do?”

What if you could ask, “How will we do?”

It’s not enough to track the right key performance indicators (KPIs). Because KPIs evolve as you move through your business lifecycle, you need a system for KPI tracking that will also evolve.

The Problem With Entry-Level Software

QuickBooks and other small business accounting applications don’t fit the bill because they don’t integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. This impedes tracking historical and predictive KPIs and gathering/presenting the data investors need to make funding decisions.

The Sage Intacct Difference

A modern, cloud-based financial management solution like Sage Intacct empowers you to automate KPIs and update them in real-time. Intacct seamlessly integrates with other cloud applications like Salesforce and offers advanced functionality you won’t find in QuickBooks.

With Intacct, you can create reports and dashboards that automatically combine operating dimensions with financial data to analyze KPIs for each operating entity, location, building, region, and other units.

Predictive KPIs empower you to lead your SaaS company versus manage it, shifting the focus from short-term objectives to long-term visions.  

Which Predictive KPIs Are Best for You?

Your KPIs will depend on your goals, business model, and processes. Some KPIs almost universally apply, while others will vary by delivery and billing model.

Here are examples of predictive KPIs that can drive success for SaaS companies through each lifecycle stage.

Start-Up Stage

  • Budget variance and trends over time
  • Ability to meet project deadlines and speed of implementation
  • Cash flow
  • Gross burn rate

Adoption Stage

  • Unique users
  • Daily active users
  • Committed annual recurring revenue
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Customer acquisition cost payback
  • Click-to-open rates
  • Current accounts receivable ratio

Growth Stage

  • Net dollar retention
  • Customer interaction
  • Churn rate
  • Annual return rate
  • Number of sales
  • Average deal size
  • Customer lifetime value

Maturity Stage

  • Average revenue per user
  • Cost savings
  • Time-to-market
  • Cash conversion
  • Gross profit
  • Cash conversion score

Reinvent or Decline Stage

  • Net promoter score
  • Number of support requests
  • Days sales outstanding

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