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Vision X Finds the best ERP for Manufacturing

Established in 1997, Vision X designs, manufactures, and delivers the most advanced lighting solutions in the world. The military, industrial mining sites, commercial vessels, fire departments, and even NASA trust Vision X for their lighting needs.

Engineering, product development, and marketing are conducted in the greater Seattle area, while Vision X Asia is home to manufacturing, testing, and logistics.

Hitting a Wall With QuickBooks

Vision X’s legacy software, QuickBooks, couldn’t support the company’s rapid growth. Processes were paper-driven and reactive, and staff had to check warehouse shelves to understand inventory. “Not making a change wasn’t an option,” says Cameron Bushaw, Vision X’s business manager. “We needed to get off QuickBooks quickly because it just couldn’t handle the business anymore.”

Finding the Best ERP for Manufacturing

A manufacturing and distribution operation of Vision X’s size and complexity requires a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Cameron and his team evaluated NetSuite and Microsoft solutions, but when they discovered SAP Business One, they knew it was the perfect solution. “It’s the grown-up ERP that’s ideal for enterprise-level companies but also scales down to businesses our size,” Cameron explains. “It’s an all-in-one solution, the business in one box.”

SAP Business One is one of the few ERP solutions that offers both on-premises and cloud deployment. Cameron wanted it to be on-premises, so he can fire up a generator and run the business if the internet goes down. When he explained this to a consultant, they hung up on him. “But SAP and Vision33 said, ‘Not a problem. We do it all the time,’” Cameron says.

Vision X partnered with Vision33, experts in SAP Business One and ERP planning, design, and implementation. After a successful implementation, Vision X quickly reaped the benefits of its new ERP solution. “It immediately unlocked the business’s potential,” Cameron says. “We switched to being proactive. There’s no more running around putting out fires. Everything is planned and executed.”

With SAP Business One, Vision X easily navigates supply chain disruptions. Even as ports close or steamship lines have issues, the company receives containers with a satisfactory supply of products. “It goes back to the SAP mantra of being proactive and training our customers to plan ahead,” Cameron explains. “It’s helped grow the business because we have the inventory and our competitors don’t.”

Vision X is enjoying the transparency SAP Business One provides. The company has total visibility into what’s in stock, where it is, and each product’s profitability.

Connecting the Dots

Vision X is leveraging Vision33’s exclusive integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution, The Saltbox Platform, to connect its eCommerce sites to SAP Business One. This integration will eliminate repetitive data entry and maximize Vision X’s SAP Business One Investment.

Learn More

Watch Vision33’s on-demand webinar, Jumpstart Supply Chain Success, to hear more from Cameron and learn how SAP Business One can help your business tackle supply chain chaos head-on.

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