July 14, 2023

Modern Planning Software | How to Build a Business Case

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This post was updated in July 2023.

You’re not alone if thinking about budgeting and planning makes you cringe. Finance and accounting teams work long and hard, and they’re crumbling under the pressure of doing more with less. They’re expected to be strategic thinkers and trusted advisors, but they can’t guide their organizations with archaic processes and tools.

Stop the Spreadsheet Madness

If you use Excel to budget and plan, you know the pain of manual processes and expensive mistakes. Spreadsheets may seem tailor-made for finance, but really, they’re static and time-draining roadblocks.

You’ve outgrown Excel for budgeting and planning if you:

  • Work late into the night and on weekends
  • Rely on one person to manage spreadsheet models
  • Have nightmares about data errors and broken formulas
  • Accidentally share the wrong information with the wrong people
  • Have no idea if you’re even using the current version
  • Think email is a good way to collaborate
  • Spend weeks collecting and scrubbing data
  • Don’t have answers to strategic questions

You can’t afford to avoid the change you and your organization desperately need—it’s time for a solid business case for a modern planning solution like Sage Intacct. And while that may seem daunting, it only takes a few weeks to determine your needs, build a plan, and choose the right solution.

Seize the Opportunity

You can modernize and transform your planning process before your next planning season—and say goodbye to the drudgery of manual processes and wasted time.

Our free eBook outlines six simple steps to build a business case for new planning software:

  • Paint the vision
  • Identify specific pain points
  • Communicate the expected benefits
  • Calculate the cost
  • Quantify the tangible benefits
  • Double-Down on the intangible benefits

Plan Smarter With Sage Intacct Planning

When you get executive buy-in, the rest is a piece of cake. You just need to find the right technology—and Sage Intacct Planning is the purpose-built, cloud-based solution for creating a modern planning culture.

Sage Intacct Planning automates finance’s manual work. It empowers financial professionals to deliver plans and insights faster, easier, and more confidently.

Sage Intacct Planning also brings data, processes, and team members—inside and outside of finance—together in one cloud-based application. It delivers a single source of financial truth accessible to anyone, anywhere, for real-time planning and decision-making.

Learn More

Enough is enough. Get started by downloading Building Your Business Case for Planning Software in Just 6 Steps and follow the link in the eBook to see Sage Intacct Planning in action.

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