September 05, 2019

SAP HANA Difference Series 14: SAP Mobile Solution

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The benefits of workforce mobility are significant, including:

  • Increased connectivity (e.g., sharing information among employees, which makes everyone’s jobs easier and leads to better customer service)
  • Increased productivity (e.g., helping warehouse workers compile picklists, manage inventory, etc.)
  • Better decision-making due to reliable access to critical information

In the latest entry of Vision33’s SAP HANA Difference Series, Vision33’s Carl B. Lewis provides a quick overview of the SAP Business One Mobile app and its many useful features.

Today, we’ll cover some of the key features available to SAP Business One users on SAP HANA. (If you haven’t transitioned to SAP HANA yet, the features are also available to SAP SQL Server users.)

So Much “To-Do”

From the main screen of SAP Business One mobile, you’ll see three icons: ‘Home,’ ‘Modules,’ and ‘Preferences.’ At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an indicator signifying a second page of options you can swipe to.

The app allows you to choose the home page you’ll see when you open the application. In Carl’s demo, the main page displays a “To-Do” list, while swiping left reveals the second page showing key performance indicators (KPIs).

Users can also personalize the KPIs they see; options include cash on hand, outgoing payments, incoming payments, and sales orders.

Easily Manage More Modules

To help users manage their day, the To-Do list offers a list of the activities a user might undertake. Clicking on the list reveals additional details associated with each activity.

Clicking the ‘Module’ icon offers a list of SAP Business One modules, including business partners, inventory, price lists, sales opportunities, sales quotations, and sales orders.

Conveniently Access Your Approvals

Users can also see ‘Approvals’ and ‘Alerts.’ Choosing Approvals reveals a list of approvals specific to the user that are waiting for authorization. This is perfect for people who are often out of the office but whose approvals are necessary to keep things moving.

Watch the video demonstration of SAP Business One mobile app to see how you can  empower your employees with real-time information.

Conduct Business on the Road with Sales Orders

Under ‘Sales Orders,’ you’ll see open orders in SAP Business One. You can add a new order by selecting a business partner from the list and adding it to the sales order. Users can select line items, choose items from on-hand inventory, and add them to the order. They can drill down into inventory quantities with all the features you’d expect from SAP Business One. The app also supports multiple currencies.

Reporting Capabilities You’d Expect from SAP

As you’d expect from SAP, the reporting capability of the app is robust. Default reports include credit limit by customer, monthly sales analysis, inventory status, and service call backlog. You can also add SAP Crystal reports to the app.

Finally, clicking the mobile button in the SAP Business One Report and Layout Manager makes that report available in the mobile application (provided you’re authorized to do so).

Dashboards put you in the Driver’s Seat

The SAP Business One mobile app offers many dashboards, and those running on SAP HANA will see even more. These dashboards provide the same useful graphical reporting SAP Business One users are familiar with, just in a mobile format.

See SAP Business One App in Action

To see more of the application and get your own demo version, watch Carl Lewis’s recent video demonstration of the SAP Business One mobile app as part of the SAP HANA Difference Series.

Watch the Video

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