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SAP Business One HANA offers many advantages over the traditional SAP Business One on Microsoft SQL deployment. SAP Business One HANA is a robust ERP solution that supercharges performance and analytic capabilities so businesses can quickly analyze massive amounts of data in real-time. It also eliminates legacy IT architecture, so your business runs faster and simpler.

In the HANA Difference Series, Vision33’s Carl B. Lewis highlights the growing list of exclusive features encouraging more businesses to move from the traditional Microsoft SQL deployment of SAP Business One to SAP Business One HANA. This week, we look at another compelling reason to make the switch: the SAP Mobile Service app.

SAP Mobile Service App Exclusive to SAP Business One HANA Users

Organizations new to running SAP Business One HANA appreciate the advanced analytics, reporting capabilities, and speed of its architecture. Businesses can now extend those benefits to their mobile workforce with the SAP Business One Service app, exclusive to SAP Business One HANA users.

Manage Open Tickets on the Fly

When you open the SAP Mobile Service app, you’ll see a list of open tickets. You can click a ticket to see more details, check-in, make a phone call, take a photo, and view service history. You can start a timer if you bill for time out in the field. You can get a map and check item and serial numbers. Clicking the ellipsis will reveal additional options, including sales order, resolution, and attachment, allowing you to attach documents associated with service calls and edit sales orders . All features are integrated directly with SAP Business One HANA and update in real-time.

Get Insight with KPIs

The other feature you’ll see from the main screen of the SAP Mobile Service app is KPI. KPIs, or key performance indicators, are numerical measures that leverage existing queries to accumulate data. You can use KPIs to collect data and calculate aggregate values on a daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. Think of them as bitesize reports you can access at a glance. A few examples would be monthly closed tickets, yearly in-service rate, my top 5 fixed items, etc. Learn more about KPIs in Creating Simple KPIs in SAP Business One HANA.

SAP Business One Sales Mobile App, Also Only Available on HANA

We covered another mobile application in an earlier blog: the SAP Business One Sales Mobile app. That app is also exclusive to SAP Business One HANA and is subscription-based. Read more about the SAP Business One Sales Mobile App.

See SAP Business One Mobile Service App in Action

To learn more about the SAP Business One Mobile Service app and get a free demo, watch Vision33’s recent video demonstration from our Wednesday Web Chats.

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