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Sage Intacct

Business growth is a cause for celebration. However, growth comes with challenges, and your finance team may be working overtime to keep up. At Vision33, we see this frequently within organizations that use small business accounting applications.

Many startups choose basic software such as QuickBooks because it’s easy to use and offers straightforward accounting capabilities. However, once a business becomes more complex, QuickBooks becomes a bottleneck to growth.

You may think trading QuickBooks for a cloud financial management system is cost-prohibitive, but it’s not—especially compared to throwing money and manpower at a system that’s holding you back.

Here are a few signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks:

The Dreaded Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are inevitable, time-draining workarounds for QuickBooks users. Excel doesn’t work for businesses with complex needs like revenue recognition and multi-entity consolidations. One error in copying and pasting can cause an expensive mistake, and by the time you sort out your information, it’s already outdated.

Everything Is Disconnected

It’s difficult to integrate QuickBooks with your other critical business applications. If your systems can’t talk to each other, you’re constantly re-entering the same information in different places. Transforming the data requires too much time and tedious workflows and leads to costly errors.

Reporting Is Like Herding Cats

You need deep financial insights and information you can slice and dice to make fast, confident decisions. That starts with real-time information and powerful, customizable reports. QuickBooks falls short, and you don’t have time to wrangle information when your executive team wants answers.

There’s a better way: Sage Intacct, the born-in-the-cloud financial management solution that has made significant differences in growing businesses’ financial health.

If your business is experiencing growing pains such as an increasing number of transactions at more locations or your financial close is taking forever, it’s time to look closely at Sage Intacct.

In under an hour, you can take a deep dive into Sage Intacct and see it in action. You’ll discover:

  • How Sage Intacct brings instant visibility and productivity to your finance team
  • Interactive, customizable dashboards that allow you to quickly drill down for immediate, real-time information about every aspect of your operations
  • Virtually limitless financial reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Automation tools that keep your team efficient and in control
  • A best-in-class approach that seamlessly connects you to other best-in-class services

So instead of creating another spreadsheet, pour a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and watch how Sage Intacct can transform the trajectory of your growing business.

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