November 30, 2022

Power Your SaaS Company’s Digital Transformation With Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

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Sage Intacct financial management solution

Like other businesses, many SaaS companies begin their financial lives with entry-level software because it’s cheap and easy to use.

Unlike other businesses, many SaaS companies focus on long-term relationships versus one-off transactions—and inefficient processes harm those relationships.

Small business accounting applications with order-based financial models can’t support subscription-based operations. Legacy, on-premises software can’t help your SaaS company with metrics, managing burn, faster closes, smarter revenue management, deep insights, regulatory compliance, or multi-entity consolidations.

And because SaaS companies progress through the lifecycle stages faster than non-tech businesses, they outgrow their start-up software faster.

Enter digital transformation.

Digital transformation is embracing technology to make your business run better—and SaaS companies are kickstarting their digital transformation journeys with Sage Intacct, a modern, cloud-native financial management solution that’s easy to use and affordable.

Cloud-Enabled vs. Cloud-Native Solutions

Cloud solutions aren’t created equal. Cloud-enabled solutions are developed in on-premises environments, then connected to the cloud. Cloud-native solutions, like Sage Intacct, are designed and built in the cloud and are faster to implement, more scalable, and easier to integrate with other critical business applications.

Intacct enables end-to-end digitalization, eliminating manual effort, paper-based processes, and spreadsheets.

SaaS companies that use Intacct enjoy:

  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Increased security
  • Heightened visibility
  • Actionable data management
  • Compliance with regulatory standards

How Sage Intacct Powers Digital Transformation

Automation is a significant component of digital transformation—it’s where many small and midsized businesses start their journeys.

By automating complex billing and financials with Sage Intacct, SaaS companies are slashing the quote-to-cash cycle time by 30%, speeding the monthly close by 50%, and improving cash flow by 20%.

Automation increases agility, lowers costs, improves productivity, reduces delays, minimizes errors, and gives you more time to nurture long-term customer relationships.

How SaaS Companies Use Intacct

Billing is one of the main challenges for SaaS companies, and Sage Intacct solves it. With Intacct, you can create frictionless billing across revenue types, including subscriptions, SaaS, perpetual licensing, channel revenue, and professional services.

SaaS companies that use Intacct enjoy automated accounts payables, consolidations, expenses, and reconciliations. They leverage real-time reporting and forecasting to understand trends, identify issues, and uncover new opportunities.

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